About The GunRacker

The GunRacker is a Patented product that provides great convenience to a variety of outdoor activities. It is intended to be used with any narrow vertical item that needs a convenient place to rest. It is not intended to support loaded firearms. Always unload a gun before leaning it in a GunRacker vehicle rack.

The GunRacker is ideal as a vehicle gun rack or fishing rod rack. It’s great for upland game bird hunters, deer hunters, bow hunters, and fly fisherman when they come in from the field, the woods or the stream. They are made and painted individually by sportsmen for sportsmen. No two are exactly alike and each GunRacker has a unique camo paint job.

The convenience of a soft support for a gun or fishing rod when you really need it is huge! And made so easy with simple construction of this affordable tool. The GunRacker is Made from a high grade foam that is bonded to a strong flexible magnetic stock for placement on the side of any vehicle that has steel in the sides.

The firm but pliable foam provides a perfect and convenient place to lean your gun, rod, or bow while you unwind, prepare to pack up, or are getting ready to go into the woods, field or stream.